V-Beam Prima

VBeam prima is a type of pulsed-dye laser treatment that can combat skin problems by selectively treating blood vessels without harming the surrounding tissue. VBeam prima laser treatment delves into the skin to fight redness and inflammation, which are the most common symptoms of the skin condition rosacea. It’s a favoured method of treatment for many patients because this laser beam procedure can also treat – warts, spider veins, port-wine stains and broken blood vessels.

Light is pulsed at an ideal wavelength to penetrate visible blood cells during the VBeam prima procedure. When light passes through the skin, it converts to heat energy, which is then absorbed by blood vessels. This energy will break down abnormal blood vessels and cells, which will be flushed out of the body naturally. The treatment may cause tolerable pain varying from one person to another. It has been FDA-approved and is used to treat these conditions for more than 20 years.

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