Cmslim is the most advanced, body treatment to tone and build body muscle.

It is targeted for stomach, buttocks, arms and legs, the High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Training (HI-EMT) stimulates the muscle with intense focused electromagnetic fields to strengthen, firm and sculpt the body without discomfort or downtime. This stimulates thousands of contractions to increase muscle for improved definition, tone and endurance. The electromagnetic waves target the muscles causing them to contract and relax and hence these contractions trigger the release of free fatty acid and break down fat deposits at the same time increasing muscular tone and strength. For example a session of see CMslim on the abdomen is equivalent to 20,000 crunches. The Cmslim has various customised procedures to give the regular gym goer or gladiator or Venus body. It has a magnetic induction amplitude or intensity of 0 to 7 Tesla which helps you to achieve your muscle goal faster. The CM slim at our clinic has a special chair to Tone Keagle muscles which helps to control involuntary urination in men and women.

CM slim treatment involves no anaesthesia, no surgery, no downtime; it’s an office procedure which has to be done on alternate days for two weeks. The treatment programme can be further increased as per patient requirement and the muscle to be toned.

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