Botox for neck rejuvenation

A Botox for neck rejuvenation, or lower rhytidectomy, is a surgery that improves obvious indications of maturing in the facial structure and neck.

 What botox and fillers medical procedure can treat?


  •         Abundance fat and skin unwinding in the lower face that makes cheeks


  •         Abundant fat stores under the jaw


  •         Free neck skin


  •         Muscle banding in the neck

 The loss of shape in the face and neck can be because of an assortment of variables, including heredity, gravity, ecological conditions and stress. This is like a Face Lift and the two are frequently done together.

 Dermal fillers should be possible under local anaesthesia with sedation, as a daycare methodology. You can return home that day and will be given a jaw lashes that you should wear for 5 days. Dr Marwah’s clinic, Mumbai offers the best Botox for neck rejuvenation. So it is significant that assessment chooses the value.

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